Our Brands


Literally translated as “Essence of Taste”, Ajinomoto is Japan’s leading specialist in producing sauces, TV dinners, and sweeteners. Established in 1917, Ajinomoto distributes in over 130 countries.

Visit: www.ajinomoto.com/en/

Anjoy Logo

Identified as “Chinese Renowned Trademark”, Anjoy is the leading brand of frozen products in China. With its high quality and reputation, Anjoy takes efforts to deliver healthy and delicate Chinese gourmet to the world. In Canda Six Fortune, we carry Anjoy’s frozen glutinous rice balls and frozen buns.

Visit: www.anjoyfood.com



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Asian Home Gourmet

Pioneer of spice paste, Asian Home Gourmet brings the exquisite flavours and aromas from Asia to our homes, from Indian Butter Chicken to Thai’s Red Curry to Indonesian Laksa – with simple, easy-to-follow recipe on each pack, we can recreate our favourite dish, or even add a fresh twist to an old classic to discover the versatility of Asian cooking.

Visit: www.asianhomegourmet.com/canada/


BEIDAHUANG is one of the top organic brands in China providing short grain rice, organic beans, organic peanut, organic multi-grains and etc. to the world. All its products are certified Organic by USDA.

Visit: www.bdhgroup.ca



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Bin Bin

As the recognized name for rice crackers, Bin Bin offers an alternative healthy snack made from jasmine rice. Its unique recipe combines crispy popped-rice texture and delicious flavour.

Visit: www.namchow.co.th/products_rice_binbin.php



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Bull Head

Taiwan’s most beloved and famous sauce company offers the? Bull Head’s “Sacha” flavor sauce that would be found in most households and other barbecue sauces that are readily used in marinating, cooking and particularly Asian hot pot.

Visit: www.hawdii.com.tw




Buono is a Thai manufacturer and exporter of premium frozen dessert featuring mochi ice, durian mooncake all all sorts of non-dairy frozen desserts. To ensure the best quality in the international market, all Buono’s products are freshly made from only the finest and healthiest raw materials and hermetically sealed by the state-of-the art facilities. We carry Buono Mochi Ice and Frozen Durian Mooncakes.

Visit: www.buonogroup.com



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Delicious and convenient snacks from Malaysia’s popular brand, Cocon offers a wide selection from puddings to jellies and gummies.

Visit: www.cocon.com.my



CP Authentic Asia

CP stands for “Charoen Pokphand”, which means“Prosperity in Food”, reflecting their passionate commitment to fresh food. CP Authentic Asia range brings the freshness of the genuine regional cuisine and the convenience of frozen prepared meals. From their long-standing dedication to Asia culinary art and carefully-selected ingredients, CP brings out the essence of Authentic Asian cuisine with their range of delicious recipes. We carry all their products including Curry Rice, Noodles, Pad Thai & Wonton Soup etc..

Visit: www.cpfcanada.com




Founded in 1988, Eulong’s series of egg rolls, walnut cake, cookies, mooncake & sachima have long enjoyed market leadership in China. Since 2001, Eulong has constantly being ranked as the no. 1 brand in terms of consumer recognition as well as volume sold in the market. In Guangdong province alone, Eulong is the distant no. 1 brand in cookies roll category. Most of all, Eulong food not only sells well in Guangdong, other key cities in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but also establishes strong international presence in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, Southern Asia etc.




Family Loompya

Family Loompya Corporation started making the best tasting frozen lumpia in 1973, and has since become the most popular Filipino brand in the U.S. and worldwide. They use fresh vegetables, premium meats and traditional seasonings to create a truly authentic taste sensation. You can serve delightfully delicious lumpia anytime from freezer to table in just minutes.

Visit: www.familyloompya.com



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Fu Che

In Taiwan, Fu Che stands for quality traditional and innovative foods – it is a leading specialist in egg and bean curd products, widely used in creating tasty Asian-style dishes or consumed individually as a snack.

Visit: www.fuche.com.tw



Gold Kili

Started in 1985 as a local coffee powder manufacturer and distributor in Singapore, Gold Kili has been tirelessly generating an on-going series of innovative instant beverages that are not only of the utmost quality, but also novel, enticing and extremely appealing to all consumers globally. We carry Gold Kili’s 3 in 1 milk tea/cereal/coffee, the ever-popular honey chrysanthemum and more.

Visit: www.goldkili.com.sg




Golden Phoenix
Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix provides not only high-quality rice to customers around the world, but also “happiness” for each and every one involved in their business. Attentive care and dedication to excellence have been their simple, yet significant secrets of success for over 70 years in rice business. Today, Golden Phoenix stands proud as one of Thailand’s leading rice producers and one of the world’s rice quality regulators.

Visit: www.bscm.co.th



Gu Long logo
Gu Long

Gu Long has the largest canned food research and production base in China with the most advanced equipment and most varieties of canned products. It is the only brand in China winning the 3 top honors including “Chinese Famous Brand”, “Chinese Export Brand” and “Chinese Renowned Trademark”. We carry Gu Long’s canned sardines and mackerel.

Visit: www.gulonggt.com



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As Canda Six Fortune’s private label brand, Heiwa features a Japanese line of products, selecting quintessential ingredients and products for Japanese cuisine. We offer popular household goods such as tofu, rice, udon, seaweed, and sesame seed to compliment your meals.




Hokto Kinoko Company reveals a tasty way to good health in their easy-to-prepare, unique and fresh mushrooms. Hokto is committed to research, development, and production of mushrooms as a superior health food. With a combination of technology and tradition, Hokto is proud to introduce their 100% USDA organic cultivated California grown mushrooms to North America, where they belive the mushroom’s importance in dietary habits will continue to grow.

Visit: www.hokto-kinoko.com



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House Foods

Standing strong behind its motto “Taste & Comfort”, House has long been offering Japan’s unique adaptations of curry sauces. House blends over 30 carefully selected spices, to make easier for families at home to prepare such light, yet full bodied curry in different intensities of spiciness.

Visit: www.house-foods.com



HFC logo
Hsu Fu Chi

A snacking powerhouse which is known for signature items such as crispy peanut candy, Chinese New Year candy, sachima and pineapple cakes.  Hsu Fu Chi enjoys a strong brand recognition among Chinese consumers and is a part of Nestle Group.  Now Hsu Fu Chi is transforming the brand into a well-rounded mainstream name to meet the needs from consumers of all ages. In Canda Six Fortune, we carry all of the Hsu Fu Chi’s signature items.

Visit: www.hsufuchifoods.com




Jayone’s primary mission is to provide high-quality snack foods and other Korean food products to the consumers at affordable prices. We carry Jayone’s seaweed – made from 100% natural premium seaweed, slightly roasted & salted, rich in minerals and vitamins.

Visit: www.jayone.com




Jeeny’s is a brand of Jeenhuat Foodstuffs, which is also the parent company of Jefi. Jeeny’s Oriental Food is positioned as the brand for Asian ethnic food. As such, it offers a smart range of general pan-Asian essentials such as shrimp paste (trassie), coconut milk and palm sugar at incredible value. We carry Jeeny’s fish strips in 4 flavours.

Visit: www.jefi.com.my




The brand “Julie’s” has been in the Malaysian market since 1982 and has become a household name in the country today. Proud of their motto “baked with love”, Julie’s is famous for its Peanut Butter Sandwich and Love Letters, which have grown to market leaders. Their exceptional quality is the result of advanced baking technology and the use of premium ingredients, albeit at a higher cost.

Visit: www.julies.com.my




Kadoya Sesame Mills, founded in 1858 with more than 150 years history, is the top brand of Japan producing sesame seeds and sesame oil using unique methods. They have developed a wide variety of products for both home and business usage, offering fragrant flavour and healthiness to tables all over the world.

Visit: www.kadoya.com



Len Xiang
Len Xiang

A Canadian based brand name focusing on importing quality grocery items from China.  After years of merchandising and marketing the brand in Canada, the product range grows from brown sugar to salted duck eggs, from frozen soybeans to mooncakes.



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Lion & Globe

Most trusted and beloved brand in Hong Kong since 1930s, Lion & Globe specializes in one category: cooking oils. From peanut to canola to olive oil, Lion & Globe continues to maintain and improve on their high standards for food safety as a ‘green’ company.

Visit: www.healthy-oil.com.hk




Lotte is a world-class conglomerate grew from selling the simple concept of chewing gum sales. It is now a leading Korean brand in various industries especially in snack foods which can be found all over the world. We carry Lotte’s Koala March cookies, pies and peperos.

Visit: koalasmarch-usa.com; www.lotteconf.co.kr





Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal. Quick and easy solutions – like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces – to aid cooking and add flavour. Maggi brand – the flavour that fresh food loves, helping you make nutritious, delicious meals. Consumers have come to know and trust the Maggi brand for its high quality, convenience and nutrition. We carry Maggi’s liquid & spicy seasoning.

Visit: www.nestle.com/brands/allbrands/maggi_culinary



Mama Sita's
Mama Sita’s

Mama Sita Reyes was a unsurpassed cook in Manila. Mama Sita’s mixes and sauces started out as a cottage industry in her ancestral home in San Juan City in 1980 and is now available at more than 40 countries in the world. The overseas Filipinos kept their cultural heritage through Philippine food with the use of Mama Sita’s mixes and sauces. Mama Sita Reyes is now a culinary icon in many households abroad. Anchored on her family’s culinary heritage and use of Philippine natural ingredients, Mama Sita’s mixes and sauces shows the best of the Philippines.

Visit: msita.com




“A World of Good Taste” is the tagline of the MAMEE and a statement that they have lived up to since their establishment in Malaysia in 1971. Mamee has since established itself as a household name for food and beverage serving over 50 products to over 100 countries around the globe. We carry the star products monster snack noodles and instant noodles to keep up the high demand in Canada.

Visit: www.mamee.com



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Well recognized globally as Japan’s No.1 Miso Company, Marukome has been manufacturing the finest quality and yet innovative miso and soy products, suitable for home and commercial consumption. Marukome Miso is swiftly becoming a novel component added in unexpected dishes to enhance the taste profiles in salad dressings, desserts, or even chocolates!

Visit: www.marukomeusa.com



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From fishing to canning in state-of-the-art facilities, Mega is the premium brand for quality sardines without preservatives from Philippines. With its easy-open can, Mega sardines provide healthy and nutritious alternative to everyday meals.

Visit: www.megasardines.com



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Its company logo with three bars represents flavour, aroma, and consistency while the circle symbolizes balance and harmony among the three values. With their products revered over the globe, Mizkan brings their specialization from over 200 years of Japanese traditions in vinegars, salad dressings, and many other liquid condiments.

Visit: www.mizkan.com




Established in Japan, Nissin first introduced instant ramen noodles to Japan in 1958 with a great success. Nissin makes the world’s finest instant noodles – known for its unmatched texture, taste and timely preparation. We carry Nissin’s frozen udon and ramen noodles.

Visit: www.nissinfoods.com



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With authentic recipes and high-quality ingredients, O’Tasty stays true to oriental flavours of dumplings, potstickers, and stuffed buns. As such, O’Tasty has grown to become the most recognized brand and manufacturing leader in North America for more than 16 years.

Visit: otastyfoods.com



Old Fisherman (同榮 Tong Yeng)

Established on September 10, 1954, Old Fisherman (Tong Yeng) is located in the northeastern Taiwan. As it is where the Pacific Black Current and Oyashio meets, the rich fish resources in the area has made it the origin of marine product processing industry in Taiwan, and that is one of the geographical advantage of Old Fisherman (Tong Yeng).

Visit: www.tongyeng.com.tw



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Beloved and leading brand in Korea and over 50 overseas countries, Paldo specializes in instant ramen noodles, aloe beverages, snacks, and traditional confectionary. Building tremendous customers’ support and loyalty, Paldo continues to diversify and innovate their products to provide great taste and quality.

Visit: www.paldofood.com



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A renowned electronic company that strives to provide “A Better Life, A Better World” offers a wide range of home appliances to consumers around the world. At Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Co., Ltd., we carry a variety of rice cookers and Thermo Pots that promises quality, value, and innovation.




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Philippines Brand

From Philippines to the world with love, Profood is the largest dried fruit producer from their exotic islands. Since establishment in 1980, Profood commits to sharing their fruits’ flavour and aroma with customers worldwide.

Visit: www.profoodcorp.com



Ri Wang
Ri Wang Foods

Ri Wang Foods, located in Queens, New York, one of the food meccas of the world, brings Asian Cuisine to the North America’s tables through distribution to Asian supermarkets. Ri Wang provides more than 100 traditional Asian food products and most of which are made with surimi (a paste made from fish) including fish tofu, fish rolls, fish balls, soupy buns, noodles and dumplings.

Visit: www.riwangusa.com



Roi Thai
Roi Thai

Roi Thai comes from Thailand – the homeland of best coconuts. They developed an exciting range of authentic Thai curry sauces and these have proved to be hugely successful in many countries around the world. We carry their coconut milk, curry soup, tom yum soup & tom kah soup – all packed safely in UHT packs.

Visit: www.roithai.com



Royal Umbrella
Royal Umbrella

Premium quality jasmine rice from Thailand – with a perfect mix of fertile soil, climate and rice growing technology, Royal Umbrella’s jasmine rice beats the taste test of the most discerning rice lovers the world over.




With its history dating as far back as the third century CE, Sempio’s soy sauce is irreplaceable in Korean households and commercial kitchens, often being described as “the taste of hometown.” Now, with the world’s largest soy sauce manufacturing facility, Sempio is continuing to lead in the soy sauce and condiment market.

Click for Sempio recipes (Chinese)

Visit: www.sempio.com



Siao Mei
Siao Mei

Siao Mei has been a symbol for ice bars and ice creams in Taiwan since 1950s. In 1990, Siao Mei innovated “Red Bean Tapioca” ice bar from Taiwan traditional flavours and swept the market with a sense of nostalgia. In Canada, We carry Siao Mei’s ice bars in 8 flavours – including the famous Red Bean Tapioca flavour.

Visit: www.shaomei.com.tw



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Squid Brand

Squid Brand fish sauce is the fruit of Thai Fish sauce Factory’s commitment to maintain high and consistent quality production of the essential condiment for Asian cooking.

Visit: www.squidbrand.com



Synear Logo
Synear Food

Synear Food is one of the biggest and most professional brands of Chinese IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) foods. The brand’s major products have a 20% market share in Chinese market.  Six major product lines have been developed so far – rice balls, steamed buns, zongzi, dumplings, wonton and snack foods.  Synear Food constantly seeks innovation to meet modern family’s satisfaction while following the taste of Chinese traditional delicacy. Thanks to the high quality and indulging flavour, Synear’s products have been widely recognized by thousands of families around the globe.

Visit: www.synear.cn



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T.A.S. is recognized worldwide as a leading brand of Thai food products including canned tropical beverages and canned coconut milk. Manufactured in the Nakonpathom Province, Thailand’s well-known region for coconut plantation, TAS products are created from carefully selected raw ingredients and undergo thorough food analysis to ensure maximum quality for their customers.




TTL is Taiwan’s leading and the largest tobacco and liquor company, the Taiwanese version of LCBO so to speak. With their professional team, TTL is taking active steps into the global market. We carry TTL cooking wine (salted).

Visit: en.ttl.com.tw





Trung Nguyen / G7
Trung Nguyen / G7

Trung Nguyen coffees are one of the most sought-after pleasures by tourists when visiting Vietnam. These rich, multi-species, heirloom coffees are deep-roasted but never burnt, giving you a uniquely delicious coffee experience.

G7 instant coffee is extracted directly from the coffee bean, which gives a better cup of coffee than conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals.

Visit: www.trungnguyen.com.vn



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One of Thailand’s leading food processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, nutritious beverages and sauce and seasoning. At Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Co., Ltd., we carry UFC sauces and beverages, particularly the coconut water which is known for being 100% natural and free of preservatives.

Visit: www.ufc.co.th




Kyoto has been holding the reputation as the birthplace of high quality of tea. The plant is flourishing especially in Uji, which is located on the south in Kyoto. Ujinotsuyuseicha Co., Ltd. is an Uji-based manufacture, having the aim at spreading their tradition through tea to all over the world. We carry its sencha (green tea) and genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice).

Visit: www.ujinotsuyu.co.jp



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Praised for its commitment to healthy services and products, Uni-President has secured its position in providing reliable and good quality dairy products, instant and frozen snacks, and beverages. We carry their popular drinks and instant noodles such as their cup noodles, teas, ice-cream bars in numerous flavours to meet the preferences of our customers.

Visit: www.uni-president.com



WFZ logo

WFZ Frozen Rice Dumplings (Zongzi) has a rich food history for nearly a century in China. WFZ is known as “The King of Jiangnan Zongzi”, giving a unique taste of bamboo fragrance along with the perfect traditional Chinese flavour.

Visit: www.wufangzhai.com



Viva Sea
Viva Sea

As Canda Six Fortune’s private label for seafood products, Viva Sea provides an extensive & high quality product line from the premium seafood regions around the globe – Ecuador, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, Japan, China and Taiwan etc.. All Viva Sea products went through HACCP certification and Canada CFIA program.